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New Flavor Alert! Cinnamon “Toad” Crunch

Our cider makers love to create new, unique flavors that you haven’t seen in every craft cidery before. And we really think we knocked this one out of the park! We are in the business of making all of your childhood dreams a reality!

Introducing Cinnamon “Toad” Crunch – a play off of your favorite childhood (or adulthood) cereal.

Cinnamon “Toad” Crunch is our take on an American childhood classic, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We have made this not so childish anymore by taking three different types apples, two different types of cinnamon and one secret ingredient to create a semi-sweet cider with an unforgettable taste. ABV 5.5%

Starting this Thursday, Cinnamon “Toad” Crunch will be available in our Henrietta tasting room. On tap only.

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