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New Barrel Aged Flavor: CranApple Rye

Our Cider Makers have done it again. This time, Blue Toad Hard Cider partnered with Silverback Distillery, another local Nelson County business, to create an aged cider that is sure to make you lips pucker in delight.

CranApple Rye is our newest barrel aged cider. Using Silverback Distillery’s Award Winning Blackback Rye Barrels, we started by barrel-aging Blue Toad Hard Cider’s Award Winning Blue Ridge Blonde for 100 days. We blended the cider with cranberries, and CranApple Rye was born.

CranApple Rye has a great nose combined with a tartness from the cranberries. The apple flavor comes in on the front and ends with a smooth rye finish. This cider is a limited release and will be available in the Blue Toad Hard Cider Nelson County tasting rooms until the barrels are tapped.

Blue Toad’s Barrel Aged Series started in 2017. Last year, Blue Toad Hard Cider partnered with Silverback Distillery to create two other barrel-aged flavors,ROCBack Rye and Peach Apple Rye. Blue Toad also partnered with Honeoye Falls Distillery in New York to make Cherry Apple Bourbon, a huge hit. By using the same barrels that these distilleries use to age their spirits, we are reducing waste and creating innovative and tasty new ciders for you to enjoy. Have an idea for a new Blue Toad Barrel Aged Flavor? Send it our way!

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