Happy 4th Birthday, Blue Toad!

Happy Birthday to us! It’s hard to believe that Blue Toad Hard Cider has been around for four years, and we’ve had a blast.

A lot has happened in four years:

  • We’ve opened tasting rooms in both New York and Virginia.
  • We have been on tap in dozens of local bars and restaurants.
  • We have shipped to countless addresses for you to enjoy at home.
  • We’ve canned thousands and thousands of gallons of cider to put on the shelf at local retailers.
  • We continue to develop new flavors each season.
  • We’ve hosted dozens of local bands in our tasting rooms.
  • We’ve set up tents and booths and countless events across the state and region.
  • We’ve met awesome people who have supported our mission of making delicious cider from local ingredients!

Blue Toad was just a dream for a couple of small town kids and to see it become a reality has been an absolute joy. We cannot thank you, our loyal customers and fans, for helping us to grow and for continuing to drink Blue Toad Hard Cider.

‘s to four years of Blue Toad and to many, many more!  

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