Build Your Own 9-Pack

Have you ever thought to yourself, “geez, I sure wish I could create my own variety pack of Blue Toad Hard Cider flavors and bring them home to enjoy.” Well, your wish is our command!

Beginning this weekend you will be able to mix n’ match all of our award winning ciders to create your very own specialized 9-pack. Whether it’s a new seasonal or an old favorite, you decide!

9 Pack Mix n’ Match! Choose (9) 16oz cans from (6) of the following flavors:

Flower City Blonde – A crisp and fruity cider born and bred in Western New York, using a blend of the finest local Golden Delicious, Empire and Crispin apples. A light cider that is pale straw-colored and clean-tasting with a bright taste of fresh apples that finishes with luscious pear notes.

ROC Hard Amber – Bolder than many, more assertive than most! A fusion of tannic apple flavors derived from a blend of locally grown apples creates a highly sessionable, copper-colored cider with hints of caramel, molasses, butterscotch, and raisins.

Black Cherry – A crisp, fruity and effervescent cider that is handcrafted to enjoy year-round. Our Black Cherry Hard Apple Cider is created using only the finest locally grown apples, and infused with black cherries, to produce a serenely smooth and sessionable cider.

Blueberry – This cider is sure to send your taste buds into a tizzy! The cider making process includes fresh blueberries along with a blend of three local apple varities. These berries are broken open during mid fermentation and as expected, tons of flavor and tannins create a perfectly balanced Apple Blueberry Cider.

Toadally Tea – Blue Toad Hard Cider Toadally Tea is a Blend of 3 Apples creating a light and refreshing beverage combined with tea leaves that provides a refreshing and smooth hard cider.

Harvest Fest – Notes of clove, cinnamon and spices blend perfectly with this colder weather seasonal hard cider. Comments we have heard, “Autumn in my mouth”, “The Holidays in a glass”, try one and enjoy!

9 Packs – $18.95

(2) 9 Packs – $36.00

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